First, I hope everyone is staying safe during this very weird time. It is a challenging time for everyone. Our front-line workers, which deserve a medal, have been working day in and day out just to keep us safe. The workers in the stores that are still open making it possible for us to get our groceries. We also want to thank the men and women producing and getting the supplies to the stores. And of course, our law enforcement and all “essential” workers.  

There have already been a few businesses that I never thought would go out of business but have announced they are closing. I think this will a huge impact on our community and its residents for a long time. 

Many people have said the last time our country has seen anything of this magnitude was The Great Depression.

As for your favorite limousine company in Eastern Iowa (that is us of course.) We are open and operating to assist you if you need anything. 

If you need to go get groceries or prescriptions, we can take you there and even help you with the bags. If you have a doctor’s appointment or meeting we can drive you there, wait, and bring you back home.  

Your favorite restaurants need your help now. Make sure you stop by all the mom and pop restaurants and get takeout, or when we do open back up do not forget to stop in. They will need your patronage to survive. Do not forget to take your spouse out for their birthday or your anniversary that might have gone by during the shutdown.  

Your Hairstylist is hurting as well (just look in the mirror at your hair, you need to go see them). Schedule up a time as soon as they open.  

Your favorite bartenders are missing you (take it easy on them, they will not mix drinks as strong as you have made them at home.) When the bars open, we will be happy to drive you around to support all your favorites. 

We have an Iowa brewery tour package we are just starting to set up.

If you are not comfortable enough to get on a plane because you would like to social distance. We can take you to Chicago, Minneapolis, or any city within 6 hours. You can have a professional driver pick you up in a sanitized, clean car and get you there safely. Our City to City transportation has been extremely popular as of late, please call to check availability.  

For your safety. We fully clean and sanitize the limos and sedans before and after every trip.      

I think this is the year of … ‘what the crap?’ I am asking everyone out there reading this to please shop and buy local. For the benefit of all our community we need to make sure the struggling businesses here can survive this. Remember all the businesses that have donated to your local fundraisers and have given to you. It is time to make sure they are here for tomorrow.  

Until we see you again, Stay Safe.