Birthday Limousine Service for Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

We offer adult birthday limousine service from bar hopping to romantic nights on the town.
Our birthday limo services are aimed to accommodate your unique requests.

We figure everyone has those special party details in their head.  It is our job to get it out and into the limousine. 

We will make this year’s birthday more exciting and fun than the rest!  It will be the best party ever, until next year, when we plan one again!!

When you are making your reservation, we can even help you with ideas to add personal details.  It is always lots of fun to surprise the guest of honor. We will make sure every detail is made and it will be done as you specify! 

There are so many different birthdays in our life to make super exciting.

13th … finally a teenager
18th …. Hight School should be over!
Golden Birthday … your birth date is the same as you age
The big ones … 21st --- you can drink, go to casinos, into bars legally
30th, 40th, 50th, 60th must I go on!! 
These are our favorites!!  You have so many options … do you go cute, fun, or just plan MEAN!! 

30th … Try something different. 
The big deal with turning 30 is, everything is the same but older. 
Plan to go to a new restaurant, try that new socializing club that just opened, or try something crazy, get a tattoo!  As you do all this running you will have a limousine filled with friends and family to help cheer you on!

40th … Turning 40 is a challenge for anybody.  Be ready because they have hit the prime of their life. They will experience feelings of sadness or stress when they start thinking about their life.  Do they have the accomplishments they wanted?  Well, we cannot really help there but no worry, these feelings are normal, and we can give them a great party to forget it all!!
Think about it … going outside around 4ish and seeing an amazing limo pull up!!  What is this all about?  You find out soon enough once the doors open and your besties and family come pilling out!!  SURPRISE!!  It will be an amazing experience; we will make sure of it!

Now it is time to let them know about the plan!  Are we going to a winery where you can have fun and try all the different mixes and blends without worrying about driving?

Or are we going to the restaurant that everyone has been raving about, but you could not go because you would have needed a babysitter? 

How about a spa!?  We have some amazing places in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Cedar Rapids

Elevate Salon Spa
The Sanctuary Spa
Hands in Harmony
Brightside Wellness Spa

Iowa City

Spa Bilancia
Twin Image Salon Spa
Iowa Recovery Room
Riverside Casino & Golf Resort (and spa)

Sounds good, do we have any ideas yet?  We got you thinking!!

50th … THE BIG ONE!!!
This is a fun one!  Get ready to poke and make fun of your bestie!
YAHHAHHH you’re going down a hill … well, not yet I guess you are only turning 50, not 51. 

*Spend the day at the spa, getting yourself pampered!  Go ahead and book a long luxurious massage you have always wanted.  Visit family, you have not seen for a while sporting your new ride!  Then let all the family and kids take a spin around the block in the limo. 

*Go to a rock concert!  Party it out like never before, MAN!

*Make a reservation at that high-end restaurant you have been wanting to go to but always made an excuse why you should not.   

*Get your friends together and go through your closet.  Get rid of all the stuff that is just not working anymore.  Now jump in the limo and buy some new clothes!

*Go bar hopping!!  Sport your new, ‘I’m 50 Today’ shirt and have fun!     

It's party time!

Celebrate your birthday or your loved one’s birthday in style this year.

We are good at keeping your secret.

Make sure to call today and reserve your limo or reserve online.