Weddings are major occasions in peoples’ lives.  Even as you select your wedding gown and the tuxedo, selecting the vehicle you will travel in should be on top of your list.  Hiring a limo from a reputable company will not only give you an experience but it will also give you peace of mind.  Are you looking for a safe and luxurious transportation company to cater for your wedding transportation?  Once your transportation plans are secured, you can tackle your lists.  A wedding is not all magic and romance.  It is also guest lists, to-do lists, address lists—the perfect day takes an incredible amount of hard work.  We have a collected some tips on how to find the perfect limo for your wedding and questions to ask yourself.

Why do you want to have a limo?  

Is it to make an impression on your guest at the church entrance, or to transport your guests to various points?  Different needs will call for different limos.  You will want to use the limo to make a huge entrance to the church, the best option.  Just keep in mind if the limo will be used as a background for your photo shoot, then a smaller limo would do.  What type of wedding are you shooting for, is it modern or traditional? 

What is your budget?

Different limo services and packages are all different.  What distance do you want to travel using the limo?  What is the cost per hour?  Are you planning to transport your entire bridal party in the limo? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.   Before you settle for a limo service make a list of questions.  Make sure that you are always guided by your budget.

1. What will be the number of passengers?

Will you invite the entire wedding party to be transported to the reception?  Will you be including the spouses of the wedding party?  What about the flower girls and ring bearer?  The limo company you decide on, should be able to help with the answers.  We get the question if the kids should come in the limo all the time.  Our answer, it is up to you, but we have a great idea that many parents have loved.  The kids go with family or friends to the reception site, then we drop off the party, and take the kids around in the limo afterward.  It is usually around a couple of blocks, but it satisfies children beyond their imagination.                

2.  What is the condition of the limo?

When booking a limo, safety should be a key factor to consider first.  Go for a reputable and licensed company.  Also, make sure that the company is properly insured.  Be sure to ask questions!  We always ensure that our vehicles are in great condition.  Our chauffeurs get the details and all the locations ahead of time.  This makes it possible to allow the bride and groom to have fun with the wedding party.

Starting the search …

After you have arranged the wedding date, now it is time to check out your options for transportation.  Most reputable limousine companies are busy most of the time (mainly Saturdays for weddings) and you may end up missing out on your beautiful ride.  Be sure to contact them to assure your date is available.

Be sure to book 6-9 months before your wedding!